Washington County, OH Cemetery List

The following is a list of cemeteries, and their corresponding locations, whose transcriptions are included in the Cemetery Index. This does not guarantee that transcription errors did not occur and/or some tombstones in these cemeteries were missed or unreadable. As this database was compiled through the countless hours of hard work by multiple volunteers inputting this information into the computer, some of the cemeteries may have different names or are listed in different townships, but are in fact the same cemetery. Likewise, there may be some cemeteries with the same name that are located within the same township that are indeed two separate cemeteries. We hope to clear up these discrepancies in the very near future. We will also make more cemeteries available as time and resources allow. Thanks for your patience!!

*Note: Most transcriptions for Oak Grove Cemetery (except surnames starting with ) were obtained through the burial transcription records from 1860-1920 published by the Washington County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society only. The tombstone transcription readings from Oak Grove (for surnames "C" - will be included in the future. Also, many cemeteries have multiple names which they referred, but the following are the names given by the transcription source.

Alphabetical Listing By Cemetery

Cemetery Township Cemetery Township Cemetery Township
Abbott Family Dunham German Old Adams Newport Newport
Alexander Bucy Independence German Older Grandview Nixon Watertown
Atkinson Aurelius Gilmore Waterford Norris Wesley
Ave Maria Watertown Glendale Dunham Oak Grove Marietta
Bacon Farm Waterford Goldsmith Fearing Olive Green Waterford
Barker Newport Good Hope Salem Palmer Palmer
Barker Old Newport Goodman Chapman Independence Parr Grandview
Barlow Barlow Goodman John Independence Parr Hill Grandview
Barnett Ridge Barlow Goodman, J. F. Farm Newport Paw Paw Liberty
Bartlett Wesley Gooseman Family Grandview Paw Paw Creek Liberty
Bartlett Friends Wesley Graham Ludlow Pigeon Creek Salem
Beabout Grandview Grandview Grandview Pine Ridge Lawrence
Beach Grove Newport Greenlawn Adams Pine Ridge Road Warren
Beaver Grandview Grubb Waterford Pleasant Grove Watertown
Beavertown Grandview Hackathorn Grandview Pleasant Hill Lawrence
Beckett Waterford Hall Ludlow Pleasant Ridge Adams
Beech Grove Baptis Newport Harmar Marietta Pool Family Grandview
Beech Grove Methodist Newport Harris Decatur Porter Salem
Beech Grove Presbyterian Newport Harris Warren Powers Waterford
Bell Barlow Hearn Independence Putnam Muskingum
Bell's Ridge Grandview Hearn Newport Quaker Decatur
Berg Fearing Henry #1 Watertown Racer Newport
Beverly Waterford Henry #2 Watertown Radacker Watertown
Big Run Adams Highland Muskingum Rainbow Muskingum
Bloomfield Ludlow Highland Ridge Fearing Rake Lawrence
Bonn Salem Hill Newport Rea's Run Independence
Boston Liberty Hill Grove Adams Relief Waterford
Boyles Decatur Hill Grove Aurelius Riverview Warren
Brabham Warren Hills Post Office Newport Ross Waterford
Buell Adams Hobby Fearing Round Bottom Waterford
Burnett Fairfield Hobson Wesley Salem Waterford
Cady Independence Hoffman Independence Salem Hall Grandview
Carson Grandview Holdren Family Grandview Schantz Adams
Cedar Ridge Waterford Hollister Dunham Scott's Ridge Liberty
Cedarville Belpre Honesty Turner Barlow Sheets Cline Grandview
Centenary Fairfield Hood Ludlow Sitka Lawrence
Centenary Church Fairfield Hopkins Dunham Smith Aurelius
Centennial Decatur Houghland Barlow Smith Marietta
Center Waterford Independence Deucher Independence Smith Wesley
Center Valley Grandview Jackson Salem Southland Wesley
Chambers Lawrence Jedico Grandview Southland Mission Wesley
Chapman Independence Johnson Watertown Spears Muskingum
Chapman Cedar Narrows Fearing Kile Adams Sprague Waterford
Christopher Warren Kinderhook Newport Springer Grandview
Cline-Sheets Grandview Knob Independence St. Jacob Fearing
Coal Run Waterford Koon Liberty St. James Salem
Cody Fairfield Ladd Decatur St. John's Evan. Lutheran Lawrence
Coler Wesley Lawrence Baptist Lawrence St. John's Evan. Lutheran Waterford
Congress Run Waterford Layman Fairfield St. Mary's Belpre
Cooper Grandview Liberty Liberty St. Mary's Marietta
Corner Belpre Liberty Hill Adams St. Patrick's Ludlow
Corns Palmer Little Grandview Stanley Watertown
Curry Napier Waterford Little Hocking Belpre Stanleyville Fearing
Dalzell Ridge Liberty Little Hocking Methodist Belpre Stump Waterford
Decatur Chapel Decatur Louderback Independence Taylor Independence
Decatur Church Decatur Lower Salem Salem Tice Ludlow
Decker Independence Lynch Fearing Tick Ridge Fairfield
Decker Bowersock Independence Macksburg Aurelius Tick Ridge Salem
Deucher Independence Macksburg Family Aurelius Tick Ridge Waterford
Deucher Independence Independence Macksburg Old Aurelius Tunnel Warren
Devol Adams Marsh Adams Union Wesley
Dodge Adams Mason Adams Upper Paw Paw Liberty
Donley Independence Matamoras Grandview Varner Salem
Dutch-Sitka Old Lawrence McGregor Lawrence Vauple Grandview
Dye Lawrence Miller Decatur Veto Dunham
Eastlawn/Valley Marietta Milnor Waterford Wade Independence
Evans Grandview Morris Adams Warren Chapel Warren
Everett Schmidt Liberty Moss Run Lawrence Waterford Waterford
Fairview Grandview Mossberg Liberty Waterford Twp Waterford
Farra Grandview Mound Marietta Waterman Waterford
Feldner Salem Mount Grandview Watertown Watertown
Fifteen Lehigh Liberty Mt Hope Independence Waxler Church Liberty
Flanders Fearing Mt. Liberty Decatur Wesleyan Wesley
Fleming Barlow Mt.Ephraim Salem White Swifts Waterford
Fleming Independence Independence Mt.Pisgah Lawrence Whitney Marietta
Fleming New Barlow Mt.Zion Lawrence Wilson Wesley
Fox Grandview Mt.Zion Bracey Lawrence Wolcott Watertown
Franks Grandview Murdock Grandview Wolf Creek Chapel Waterford
Fulcher Warren Murdock Palmer Woodruff Watertown
German Grandview Muskingum Valley Ludlow Yankeeburg Newport
German Lutheran Old Independence Myers Family Grandview Yankeeburg Sandhill Newport
German Methodist Grandview Newbury Belpre    
German Newer Grandview Newlen Lawrence    

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